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Outdoor Fireplace Installation & Repair

Get the most out of your patio, outdoor landscaping, or backyard with an outdoor fireplace. Installing an outdoor fireplace can help you enjoy your outdoor space even as the evenings get colder in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas.

And at Capitol Chimney Service, our services extend far beyond basic chimney sweeping. We’ve got the knowledge and experience to install all types of chimneys and fireplaces—both outside and inside.

So if you need outdoor fireplace installation in the MD, DC, or VA area, contact us today!

Types of Outdoor Fireplaces

When deciding what type of outdoor fireplace to install, you’ll have several important decisions to make:

  • Material – Brick, stone, marble, tile are just a few options for what type of material you’ll want to use for your outdoor fireplace. Of course, you’ll want it to match or complement the rest of your outdoor space!
  • Fuel source – If you use natural gas to heat your home, it might make sense to install a natural gas outdoor fireplace. If you want to go a more traditional route, you could opt for a wood-burning outdoor fireplace. Keep in mind you’ll need somewhere dry to store the wood!
  • Size – The size of your backyard will largely determine how big your outdoor fireplace should be. Keep in mind that wood-burning fireplaces will be taller to accommodate exhaust vents, while gas ones will be shorter as they don’t need exhaust vents.
  • Placement – Where you place your fireplace will depend on your local zoning codes. That’s why it’s best to have a professional like the experts at Capitol Chimney Service help you out!
  • Type – By type, we mean you can choose from a built from scratch outdoor fireplace, a prefabricated outdoor fireplace (which is assembled on site), or a completely finished unit that is simply delivered to your home—no assembly required.

Want to learn more about installing an outdoor fireplace in MD, DC, or VA? Give us a call! Proper fireplace installation is vital to prevent fires, damage, and injury. Give yourself peace of mind by hiring a licensed and insured chimney company like Capitol Chimney Service.

Outdoor Fireplace Repair & Cleaning

When you use your outdoor fireplace, the smoke from the fire condenses into a tar-like substance called creosote. Routine fireplace cleaning will prevent a dangerous level of soot, ash, and creosote accumulation. Call Capitol Chimney Service for outdoor fireplace cleaning throughout the Maryland, DC, and Virginia areas.

Additionally, if you need outdoor fireplace repair, we can help out there, too! Whether you need to fix loose chimney bricks, any type of masonry work, or your outdoor fireplace simply isn’t operating as efficiently as it should be, we’ll pinpoint the problem and get you back to working order in no time.

Contact us to schedule your outdoor fireplace repair, cleaning, or installation in the DC, Maryland, or Virginia areas. Make sure to check out our customer testimonials as well as our current chimney service discounts.