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Leaking Chimney Repair in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC

Have you started noticing dripping into your fireplace when it rains? What about the areas of your ceiling that are around your chimney? You’ve probably already figured out that these are the warning signs for a leaking chimney. The experts at Capitol Chimney Service can help! We’re a family owned and operated company and we’ve been serving the families of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC for over a decade.

At Capitol Chimney Service, we know how frustrating a chimney leak is, especially since they can lead to dangerous mold growth. But, with our chimney repair services, you can leave your frustrations behind! Our number one priority is providing excellent service quickly, so you can have the comfort and safety of your home restored as soon as possible.

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Possible Causes of a Leaking Chimney

If you don’t have a licensed professional come investigate the cause of your chimney leak, you could end up wasting hundreds, even thousands, fixing things that you hope are the cause of the problem. The experts at Capitol Chimney Service will do a thorough check of your chimney, looking at each possible location that could be the source of the leak and making sure you don’t have leaks in multiple areas. That means we’ll look for:

  • A missing chimney chase cover: Also referred to as chimney chase caps or chase tops, chase covers cover the top of your chimney, protecting your chimney flue. They also shield the inside of your chimney from water, snow, debris, and birds or other small animals (like raccoons and squirrels). Sometimes, a chimney leak is caused by something as simple as a missing chase cover. If you have a chimney chase cover, we’ll make sure it’s in good shape. A cracked or rusted piece will also let water in.
  • A cracked chimney crown: This is the cement “block” on top of the chimney. Over time, it can develop small cracks, which will eventually become large cracks. You can apply a seal to small cracks, but if the cement has large cracks, it will need to be replaced.
  • Damaged or missing chimney flashing: Flashing is the material, usually aluminum, that goes between the bricks of your chimney and the rest of your roof to cover the gap between the two structures. The piece of aluminum is typically sealed in place by tar. Overtime, the tar (or other waterproofing substance) and the flashing itself can both wear away, allowing leaks to occur.
  • Loose bricks or bricks that are not properly waterproofed: If the mortar—which is a very porous material—holding your bricks together cracks, it will cause the bricks to loosen. Loose bricks in your chimney can lead to chimney leaks. Bricks themselves are also very porous, so if the bricks of your chimney are not properly protected by a waterproofing substance, they can allow water to seep through into your home.

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Capitol Chimney Service has been providing affordable chimney repair and chimney services to Montgomery County, Maryland and the surrounding DC area since 2001. We’re members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re working with a licensed and insured professional chimney company. If you have a leaking chimney in need of repair, we’d love to help you get your home in top shape again.

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