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If you’re looking for a chimney sweep in Arnold, MD, look no further than Capitol Chimney Service. As a member of the esteemed National Chimney Sweep Guild, we are a family-owned chimney sweep company and we take pride in our work. Give yourself peace of mind by hiring a licensed and insured professional chimney company for your chimney sweeping needs. We do it right the first time! If you’re looking for a chimney sweep in Arnold, MD, contact Capitol Chimney Service today.

Our Arnold, MD Chimney Sweep Services

When wood burns, it creates a build-up of a highly flammable byproduct called creosote in your chimney. Creosote build-up can reduce your fireplace efficiency and also cause chimney fires. Soot and other debris can also cause blockages in your chimney and reduce fireplace efficiency. At Capitol Chimney Service, our Arnold, MD chimney sweep services will remove flammable deposits such as soot and creosote from the interior walls of a chimney.

Capitol Chimney Service offers the following chimney sweep services:

Gas and Oil Chimney Sweeping -The best time of the year to clean an oil chimney is in the spring time after the heating season, when the oil furnace is subjected to long running cycles.

Woodstove Sweeps - Woodstoves require maintenance on a yearly basis to assure safe, proper operation and prevent chimney fires.

Fireplace Sweeps- Cleaning the fireplace should ideally come at a time when you do not expect to use it for a while, as in the warm summer months, to remove ash, soot, and smoke build-up.

Prefab Fireplace Sweeps – Often ventless, prefab fireplaces come pre-manufactured and assembled. Many prefab fireplace units are installed inside of an existing fireplace, while the majority of units are built for new construction or remodeled rooms. They require annual inspection and sweeping.

And more!

Chimney Sweep Prices in Arnold, MD

Capitol Chimney Service believes in keeping you and your family safe by providing professional chimney services at affordable rates. We offer several types of discounts for senior citizens, military, new homeowners, and more.

At Capitol Chimney Service, our Arnold, MD chimney sweep services include fireplace, prefab fireplace, and gas, boiler, and oil furnace cleaning for $129. We also offer freestanding stove, wood-burning insert, gas insert, and gas log cleaning for $159. Click here to check for chimney sweep specials!

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From chimney sweeping to chimney repair and chimney rebuild, we are your one stop chimney service. We are licensed, insured, and certified, so you can be assured that our primary objective is to make your chimney, fireplace, and venting systems cleaner, safer, and more energy-efficient. If you need chimney sweeping in Arnold, MD, contact Capitol Chimney Service today.