Bethesda chimney repair

Chimney Rebuild in DC & Maryland

At Capital Chimney Service, we offer a variety of chimney repairs to improve your chimney efficiency and performance. Our chimney repair services can help you prevent chimney leaks and water penetration into your home, chimney damage, and energy waste. If your chimney has severe damage, contact us today for a chimney rebuild in the Washington, DC or Maryland area.

Do I Need Chimney Rebuilding?

If your chimney only has minor brick damage, you likely do not need a chimney rebuild. Instead, we will replace only the cracked or damaged bricks rather than replacing the entire structure. This is called chimney spot cutting.

In addition to brick replacement, you might find that the walls of your chimney crack and deteriorate over time. This is because your chimney is constantly exposed to wind, snow, ice, and rain at the same time it’s exposed to hot gases from your fireplace. However, most chimney cracks can be replaced with simple masonry repairs and don’t constitute a complete chimney rebuild. At Capitol Chimney Service, our masonry repair fixes cracks in the mortar, waterproofing caps, and chimney crowns.

Chimney leaks are a common problem. But before you resort to a chimney rebuild, contact Capitol Chimney Service for chimney flashing or chimney waterproofing. Chimney flashing will prevent leaking where your chimney meets your roof, and chimney waterproofing will protect your masonry from water damage and staining.

On the other hand, if your chimney has suffered from water damage, a settling foundation, lightning strike, or other disaster, you might need a chimney rebuild. Chimney rebuilding is generally reserved for chimneys with severe damage that can’t be repaired with spot cutting.

Schedule a Chimney Rebuild in DC & Maryland

Call Capitol Chimney Service today at 410-962-5551 to schedule a chimney rebuild, or fill out the form to the left. Give yourself peace of mind by hiring a licensed and insured professional chimney company for your chimney rebuilding needs. As a member of the esteemed National Chimney Sweep Guild, we are a family owned chimney company and we take pride in our work. Our goal is to make your chimney cleaner, safer, and more energy efficient.