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Chimney Animal Removal

Is a bird or squirrel stuck in your chimney? Unsure how to get it out without hurting yourself or the animal? Count on Capitol Chimney Service to get the job done right! Servicing the greater Washington, DC area, we can service homes in Baltimore, Gaithersburg, Silver Spring, Alexandria, Arlington, and beyond.

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Dangers of Animals in Chimney

There are many risks to having animals trapped in your chimney, including:

  • Risk of blockage – if you have animals trapped in your chimney and you start a fire, you could have serious blockage which could be harmful for you and your family to breathe. Schedule animal removal to ensure the animals are out of your chimney and it is ready for the cold winter months.
  • Risk of chimney fire – birds often like to nestle in chimneys during the summer months. Once you light a fire and the nest is still in your chimney, the nest can catch fire which would cause an unwanted—and dangerous—chimney fire.
  • Risk of infections – there are health hazards to take into consideration if you have animals trapped in your chimney. Parasites, fecal matter, and more can leak through your chimney into your home, which could lower the air quality and risk many health concerns to you and your family.

Schedule Chimney Animal Removal with Capitol Chimney Service

For more than 10 years, Capitol Chimney Service has been supplying the MD, DC, and VA area with expert and reliable services. Fireplaces are a beautiful and practical asset to any home—but also can be dangerous. We provide affordable chimney services so you don’t have to worry about the dangers associated with indoor fires.

If you think there may be animals trapped in your chimney, don’t risk it—call Capitol Chimney Service today to schedule a cleaning and removal.