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Where Can I Install a Fireplace?

Are you thinking about installing a fireplace in your home? Before you get swept away with thoughts of you and your significant other snuggling by your new fireplace with mugs full of hot chocolate, there are several important considerations you need to make! Probably of most importance to you is where you can install a fireplace. For example, many people wonder if they can install a fireplace without a chimney. The short answer is yes—meaning you can install a fireplace in almost any room of your home—or you could also consider an outdoor fireplace.

Can I Install a Fireplace without a Chimney?

Just because your home doesn’t have a chimney (or the room you want to install a fireplace in doesn’t have one) doesn’t mean you should give up your fireplace dreams! Ventless fireplaces allow you to enjoy the luxury, warmth, and aesthetics of a fireplace even if you don’t have a chimney. With a ventless fireplace, fumes are vented into your home instead of out through the chimney.

But don’t panic! If a ventless fireplace is sized and installed correctly, it minimizes the amount of fire byproducts that are vented into your home. This makes it important to always call a professional for fireplace installation.

In addition to allowing you to install fireplaces in rooms without chimneys, ventless fireplaces also typically cost less to install than their vented counterparts.

Fireplace Installation in MD, D.C., and VA

If you’re looking for fireplace installation in the Maryland, Washington, D.C., or Virginia area, contact Capitol Chimney Service. We can help you decide what fireplace is best for your home. Consider the following:

  • Gas log fireplace installation - Gas logs offer the aesthetic beauty of a wood burning fire with the convenience of gas. The heat output from vented gas logs is slightly better than the heat output from a regular wood fire in the same fireplace. Because gas emissions are lower than wood emissions, gas logs are considered a more environmentally friendly option than wood burning fires.
  • Freestanding stove installation - Freestanding stove fireplaces are electric or burn wood, gas, coal, wood pellets, or oil. Usually coming in steel or cast iron, many freestanding stoves feature a space age ceramic glass to provide fire viewing. Generally used to heat a specific room or zone of the house, freestanding stoves are very efficient and are easily controlled for heat output. 
  • Fireplace insert installation - Inserts must be EPA certified, making them clean burning and highly efficient—potentially lowering your energy costs. Older wood burning fireplaces feature a low-efficiency, open combustion design, while fireplace inserts feature an energy-efficient, insulated, and closed-door design.

Get ready for the upcoming cold season by contacting us for your fireplace installation today. We can also help with all of your fireplace cleaning needs!

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